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  • Pre-packaged hot water and heating in one cabinet makes the COMBIflo quick and easy to install, saving time on site
  • Water heater and space heating capability means there's no need for separate appliances, saving space and ideal for smaller plant rooms with space constraints
  • Compact and lightweight design that can be split into two parts makes it easy to manoeuvre within a building, making it ideal for retrofit applications where plant rooms access space may be limited
  • Almost instantaneous hot water generation of up to 2240 L/hr and small integral 300L storage tank means a reduction in standing heat losses and levels of hot water generation, saving energy and costs
  • Up to three gas fired heat exchangers ensures a constant supply of hot water or heating
  • Natural gas and LPG models available 
  • COMBIflo was awarded Commercial Heating Product of the Year at the 2016 HVR Awards 

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100 150
Heat input (gross) kW 102.2 (94.0) 152.1 (140.0)
Heat output net (gross) kW 10.0 - 102.4 10.0 - 150.0
Nominal heat output @ 50/30ºC kW 10.0 - 99.0 10.0 - 147.4
Standby heat loss W 140 170
NOx emissions (0% 02 mg/kWh 56 56 
NOx emissions (0% 02) ppm 36.8 36.8
ErP efficiency rating    N/A N/A 
Gas data
Gas flow rate (natural gas) m3/h 9.9 14.8
Storage capacity Litre 300 300
Recovery rate at 50ºC rise Litre/hr 1,520 2,240
Recovery rate at 56ºC rise Litre/hr 1,357 2,000
Operating pressure (unvented) bar 3.5 3.5
Minimum working pressure bar 0.2 0.2
Maximum pressure bar 6 6
Efficiency heat output at part load (EN15502-1) gross (net)  % 98.1 (108.9) 97.2 (107.9)
Efficiency heat output at full load (EN15502-1) gross (net) % 87.7 (97.3) 88.0 (97.7)
Seasonal efficiency (Building regs part 2) % 96.1 95.9
Maximum permitted system temperature ºC 82 82
Fuse rating amp 5 5
Power supply V 240 v / 50 Hz 240 v / 50 Hz
Electrical power consumption W 285 425
Noise level dBA 61 62
Weight full kg 608 641
Weight empty kg 290 320
Flue diameter mm 130/200 130/200
Flue system classification N/A B23, C13, C33 & C53 B23, C13, C33 & C53
Max flue run (Single/Concentric) N/A 30/14 30/14


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New multi level BIM files coming soon for this product

The Andrews Water Heaters BIM library is being updated to comply with CIBSE PDT standards. If you require CIBSE compliant BIM files for this product, please fill out the form to receive new BIM files when they’re available and we will send them to you as soon as they’re ready. In the meantime, standard BIM files are available to download using the links below. If you can’t find the BIM file you require, or you have any questions, please contact your Area Sales Manager who will be able to help.

  • COMBIflo - All CAD files (0.88MB, 07/11/2016)
  • Feel free to call our technical helpine on 0345 070 1055 if you need any support.

    Code Fault Description
    10 Outside sensor, error
    20 Boiler temperature 1, sensor error
    22 Water pressure 3 too low
    26 Common flow temperature, sensor error
    28 Flue gas temperature, sensor error
    30 Flow temperature 1, sensor error
    32 Flow temperature 2, sensor error
    40 Return temperature 1, sensor error
    50 DHW temperature 1, sensor error
    60 Room temperature 1, sensor error
    65 Room temperature 2, sensor error
    68 Room temperature 3, sensor error
    70 Storage tank temperature 1, sensor error
    81 LPB Short circuit
    83 LPG collision
    84 BSB address collision
    98 Extension module 1, error
    99 Extension module 2, error
    100 2 Clock time masters
    110 STB lockout
    111 Shutdown limit thermostat
    119 Shutdown water pressure switch
    121 Flow temperature heating circuit 1 not reached
    122 Flow temperature heating circuit 2 not reached
    126 DHW charging temperature not reached
    127 DHW legionella temperature not reached
    128 Loss of flame during operation
    130 Flue gas temp too high
    133 Safety time exceeded
    151 BMU Internal error
    152 Parameterization error
    153 Unit manually locked
    160 Fan speed threshold not reached
    217 Sensor error
    218 Pressure supervision
    317 Mains frequency outside permissible range
    320 DHW Charging temperature, sensor error
    322 Water Pressure 3 too high
    323 Water Pressure 3 too low
    324 Input BX, same sensors
    325 Input BX/extension module, same sensors
    326 Input BX/mixing group, same sensors
    327 Extension module, same function
    330 Sensor input BX1 without function
    331 Sensor input BX2 without function
    332 Sensor input BX3 without function
    333 Sensor input BX4 without function
    335 Sensor input BX21 without function
    336 Sensor input BX22 without function
    351 Primary controller/system pump, address error
    353 Cascade flow sensor B10 missing
    384 Extraneous Light
    385 Mains under voltage
    386 Fan speed tolerance
    388 DHW sensor no function
    432 Function earth not connected
    N/A Operating mode button locked - Cannot operate in DHW or Heating mode (No fault displayed)

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