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Our goal is to operate an effective environmental management system that makes the best use of resources and promotes the sale, delivery and service of products that are as efficient as possible, whilst minimising any negative or potentially negative impact on the environment.

We value our reputation as an environmentally conscious and responsible business and we expect all of our people to understand and reinforce our policies and procedures designed to support this.

By applying and adhering to these principles, we will behave in an environmentally conscious way, seeking opportunities to reduce the negative impact of our activities on the world in which we live.


  • Compliance to all relevant Environmental laws and Regulations.
  • Make our employees at all levels aware of their environmental responsibilities and provide the support necessary to achieve them.
  • Ensure that our employees, contractors and others working on our premises comply with appropriate environmental issues
  • Protect the environment including preventing pollution at source and responding appropriately to any environmental issues
  • Encourage cooperation with our supply chain to facilitate good environmental practice
  • Set and review objectives and targets at a UK & I and local level to minimise our impact on the environment and, through our commitment to continual improvement, enhance our environmental performance

David Pinder, Chief Executive Officer
August 2017

A copy of our Significant Environmental Aspects is available upon written request. Contact us for it. 

Environmental Policy Statement

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