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Why should I get my product (s) commissioned?

To ensure that it/they are set up to obtain their optimum performance, efficiency and energy saving

Why should I get a Baxi Heating Engineer to carry out the commissioning?

To ensure that the product(s) are installed in accordance with the manufacturers instruction and to obtain an additional 12 month warranty.

How much does commissioning cost?

Our commissioning costs start from as little as £280 + VAT for a single unit. Our full list of prices are available on request. Please contact our After Sales Service Team on 0345 070 1058.

How do I arrange commissioning?

Please contact our After Sales Service Team on 0345 070 1058 to arrange for your products to be commissioned

Do I need a de-stratification pump with an Andrews Water Heater?

No, Andrews Water Heaters have full distribution throughout the tank which is introduced by dip tubes. This is called the Hydrojet System.

I am thinking of specifying a FASTflo water heater, are there any specific controls I need?

Yes, a remote controller kit is required to operate each heater, you will need one of the following: B285 - Remote Controller Kit B286 - Quick Connect Cord Kit (includes Remote Controller Kit) B287 - System Controller Kit (includes Remote Controller Kit) NB: However when two to six heaters are put together using either the quick connect cord (all models) or the system controller, only one remote controller is required to operate all heaters.

Do I need a Plinth for an ECOflo water heater?

Yes, the plinth enables the water heater to sit 150mm from the floor to enable the condensate trap to be fitted to the flue system. This is available as an optional extra.

I want to connect an ECOflo to a BMS. What will I need?

You should not need any additional items. The unit is now available for BMS from factory. Although you will need to speak to Baxi Technical on 0345 070 1057.

Which Andrews Water Heaters products are currently ECA/ETL listed?

The ECOflo, SUPAheat, SUPAflo and MAXXflo are listed on the ECA/ETL website.

Which Andrews Water Heaters must go on a non combustible surface?

The following ranges must all be situated on a non combustible surface:

  • Standard Range
  • HIflo
  • ECOflo
  • Fan flued RFF
  • Balanced flue RSC
  • Balanced flue CSC

Where can I find information on the R300?

The R300 is a discontinued SUPAflo model. You can find literature for the R300 in the discontinued literature library. If you need any more information, call the Technical Support Team on 0345 070 1057 or contact your Technical Sales Manager.

How can I get a quote or a price for an Andrews Water Heater or find out about availability?

Your Technical Sales Manager is able to provide quotations for all of our products and let you know about a product's availability. They can also assist with sizings, offer technical help and advice, organise site visits to propose solutions specific to you, advise on flueing regulations and help with space considerations, along with any other general questions you have. Find your Technical Sales Manager.

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