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Andrews Water Heaters are proud that our products are WRAS approved. But what exactly does WRAS approval mean, and how does it affect you as an Andrews Water Heaters customer?

Unsafe water supplies affect an estimated one billion people around the world. In order to ensure all UK residents have access to safe water supplies, the Water Supply Regulations (WSR) were set up in 1999. The Water Supply Regulations encompass both The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations and Scottish Water Byelaws. The regulations set out the legal requirements for the design, installation, and operation of plumbing systems, water fittings, and water-using appliances.

Any water fitting which, when installed, will carry or receive water from the public mains water supply in the UK cannot cause waste, misuse, undue consumption or contamination of the water supply and must be 'of an appropriate quality and standard'.

The use of professional plumbing parts, properly installed and maintained is crucial to upholding these standards, which is where the WRAS comes in.

The easiest way for a manufacturer to demonstrate the quality of any product associated with the delivery of water is by achieving WRAS approval. Although it is not compulsory, this seal of approval shows that the manufacturer has created a product which does not contaminate the water supply or otherwise jeopardise public health. In public sector, leisure and retail buildings where potentially hundreds of people come into contact with the water supply every day, ensuring it is safe is absolutely imperative. WRAS, which stands for Water Regulations Advisory Scheme, is a certification mark that demonstrates that an item or package complies with the high standards set out by water regulations. WRAS Approval is accepted by every water supplier in the UK.

For Andrews Water Heaters products to get WRAS approval, they need to undergo strict mechanical and water quality testing. So if an Andrews Water Heater has WRAS approval, it is because it complies with all the regulations and standards that the Water Supply Regulations set out. This type of approval requires years of research and design and the highest levels of manufacturing and constant monitoring and re-approval.

We're proud of our WRAS approval, and prouder still of the quality and hard work that goes into every one on of our products that allows us to achieve theses approvals.

You can find out more about what WRAS approval means by visiting the WRAS homepage. If you want to find out more about any Andrews Water Heaters products you can contact your Technical Sales Manager.

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SUPAflo Evo
HIflo & CSC Range
Standard range
RFF Fan Flued Range
RSC Balanced Flue Range

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