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Here you can find information on the Building Regulations that may have an impact on commercial projects and large multi-residential dwellings.

These include:

  • Conservation of fuel and power in new and existing buildings other than dwellings, Part L
  • Heat producing appliances, Part J
  • Part L
  • Part J

In December 2021, the Government published updates to Approved Documentation L of Building Regulations.

It means that as of June 15 2022, the minimum heat generator seasonal efficiency for direct fired water heaters will be 91% (GCV) for natural gas and 92% (GCV) for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

As such, there will be no opportunity to carry out like-for-like replacements of non-condensing water heaters, unless in exceptional distress circumstances.*

Our wide range of condensing water heaters are 20% more efficient than their non-condensing counterparts and are also low-NOx.

There are some considerations when switching to condensing water heaters such as flueing and condensate removal.

Your expert Technical Sales Manager will be able to guide you through any considerations and advise on the best solution.

*exceptional circumstances to be signed off by local building control

Part J of the Building Regulations provides guidance to ensure the safe installation and use of all combustion appliances and liquid fuel storage systems. The Regulations cover the following segments:

  1. Air supply
  2. Discharge of products of combustion
  3. Warning of release of carbon monoxide
  4. Protection of building
  5. Provision of information
  6. Protection of liquid fuel storage systems
  7. Protection against pollution

A full copy of the Building Regulations Part J is available for download from the Planning Portal website.

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