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We’re switching to condensing water heaters and we’re on hand to guide you through this transition.

Our range of commercial water heaters adhere to the latest government regulation. They’re built to perform more sustainably than older, non-condensing units. Some non-condensing water heaters will still be available in exceptional, distress circumstances*

Switching to Andrews condensing water heaters boasts the perfect balance of high fuel efficiency, low NOx and running costs. What’s more, every Andrews water heater also benefits from our unrivalled expertise and aftercare.

We have a variety of condensing hot water heater solutions for you, including storage heaters, the condensing water heater with space heating capability and many others.

There are some considerations when switching from non-condensing to condensing water heaters such as flueing and condensate arrangements.

Fill in the form below to arrange a free site survey with your technical sales manager and find out more about our range of commercial on demand water heaters.

*local building control must be consulted before installing a non-condensing water heater after the Part L changes deadline on June 15 2022.

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