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Andrews Water Heaters and Potterton Commercial score at Shrewsbury Town FCs 'Prostar Stadium


Andrews Water Heaters and Potterton Commercial, both part of Baxi Commercial Division, have contributed to the success of Shrewsbury Town Football Club's new, state-of- the-art Prostar stadium. The equipment installed comprises two Andrews Hi-flo 81/264 gas-fired storage water heaters and two Potterton Eurocondense two 160 boilers, all installed in a plant room in the West Stand which houses both the changing rooms and banqueting facilities.

The Hi-flo water heaters are twinned together into a flue header, venting to atmosphere at roof level. The water heaters are low profile models with a small footprint and Eurocondense two boilers are extremely compact, so that they fit through a standard 600mm doorway. Coalway Building Services Ltd. the mechanical contractors responsible for the design and installation of the mechanical services to the project commented: "The compact dimensions of the Eurocondense boilers assisted installation in a small plantroom”.

Serving the changing rooms, toilet facilities, bar, restaurant kitchens and corporate facilities, the Hi-Flo range is perfect for installations where demand for hot water peaks at particular times, due to an extremely fast recovery rate. This particular model has a capacity of 368 litres and a recovery rate of 1199 litres per hour through a temperature rise of 44oC. Features of the range include a vitreous enamelled lined tank, piezo ignition as standard, cathode protection via a magnesium anode and a factory fitted Hydrojet Total Performance System. This is incorporated in the cold inlet dip tube and is designed to increase turbulence, reduce sediment build-up and eliminate stratification inside the tank.

Another feature of the Andrews range of water heaters, particularly important in a building frequented by large numbers of members of the public, is their legionella resistance. The design of the tank precludes legionella colonisation, even with a build-up of debris, as water at the bottom of the tank reaches at least the same temperature as the rest of the heater. The water heaters installed at Prostar incorporate auto ignition and are controlled via the Building Management System for maximum energy efficiency.

The Eurocondense two 160kW gas-fired condensing boilers satisfy the space heating requirement for the changing rooms, office accommodation, toilet facilities, bar, kitchen and restaurant. These boilers embody the latest developments in heating technology, achieving exceptional energy efficiency of up to 107% net as well as ultra-low NOx levels, exceeding Class 5.

Modular, floor-standing boilers, the Eurocondense two range has pre-mix, fully modulating control for complete heating flexibility and the aluminium/silicon alloy heat exchanger carries a lifetime guarantee. The advanced, ISR control system has volt-free contacts for BEMS interface and features a user-friendly control panel with full text display of operational status which avoids the inconvenience of checking codes or lights.

Also incorporated is inbuilt weather compensation, summer/winter changeover and time control facilities. The ISR controls may be used with a simple room thermostat or, as in this installation, with a fully integrated Building Energy Management System.


This £15 million, 10,000 seater stadium, constructed to the highest standards, was completed in time for the start of the 2007/2008 season. It was officially opened by Football League Chairman Lord Mawhinney and, the driving force behind the new development, Shewsbury Town's Chairman Roland Whycherley, after whom one of the new stands has been named.
Shrewsbury Town Football Club, currently in Coca Cola League 2, was formed in 1886 and based at their previous ground, Gay Meadow, from 1910 to 2007.

Chairman Roland Wycherley's 10-year dream has finally become a reality and features of the new stadium, with its blue and amber livery, include completely unobstructed viewing from all stands, excellent disabled facilities with a lift in each stand, first rate conference and banqueting facilities and eight luxury executive boxes. The prestigious, glass-fronted restaurant, which seats 50 to 60 people, depending on the function, features modern English menus and locally sourced produce and is open each evening and Sunday lunchtimes. The bar is also open seven days a week.

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