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Andrews supply energy efficient water heating for shower refurbishment at Sand Moor Golf Club


In a recent refurbishment of the water heating system at Sand Moor Golf Club near Leeds, one of Andrews Water Heaters' natural gas-fired, high efficiency condensing storage water heaters has been installed to replace the previous calorifiers and upgrade the performance of the showers, as well as providing a more cost effective solution.

Sand Moor Golf Club is one of the finest moorland championship courses in Yorkshire, situated just a few miles from Leeds City Centre. Originally developed for a wealthy local clothier in 1921, at first the course was located on either side of a road but between 1961 and 1968 it was transformed into the self-contained course it is today. Since then, there have been ongoing improvements to the facilities and to the clubhouse which features a large dining room and a well-stocked bar, as well as recently upgraded changing facilities.

The Andrews' MAXXflo storage water heater installed during this refurbishment serves eight showers and wash hand basins. As each shower may be used by up to four people per hour, it was important to ensure that the water heater selected was capable of supplying virtually instantaneous hot water to cope with this demand.

The MAXXflo CWH 60/300 model selected was specified by CKK Design Ltd., in consultation with Andrews', in order to accommodate the duty required in the most energy efficient and cost saving manner. This unit has a storage capacity of 300 litres, an output from 13 to 61 kW and a recovery rate of 1020 litres per hour. The unit was supplied with an unvented kit in order to provide hot water at mains pressure for an improved showering experience.

The water heater is installed in a basement plantroom with a difficult flue run in excess of 20 metres, integrated with the boiler flue. However, MAXXflo water heaters are ideally suited to these types of installation, as they are capable of operating with a run of up to 40 metres. The water heater was installed by B & P Building Services.

High efficiency water heaters in this range combine maximum performance flexibility with economic running costs. The design of the robustly constructed stainless steel tank and heat exchangers ensures a long service life. Together with fully modulating burners, this allows hot water to be generated in condensing mode up to 80% of the tank volume and to operate at 109% efficiency. Heat input and flow are carefully regulated to produce a closely controlled water temperature and a high temperature anti-Legionella program is incorporated for maximum protection.

The MAXXflo range of stainless steel, high efficiency condensing storage water heaters has tank options of 100 litres capacity with an output of 30kW, 200 and 300 litres capacity, each with four output sizes from 30 to 120 kW. A digital electronic master controller operates the burners and regulates the tank temperature up to 70oC. BEMS and other external interfaces are provided. MAXXflo units have a small footprint can be installed as room sealed, balanced flue appliances or, where a longer flue run is required, with a conventional flue.

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