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Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps available


Andrews Water Heaters and Potterton Commercial, both part of Baxi Commercial Division, offer an extensive range of LZC (Low to Zero Carbon) products that can be integrated alongside more 'traditional' plant room appliances, such as high efficiency direct-fired water heaters and boilers, to reduce the running costs and carbon emissions of commercial buildings.

The AMBIflo air source (air-to-water) heat pump from Andrews Water Heaters offers a solution for pre-heating mains cold water to support gas-fired water heaters in the production of domestic hot water. AMBIflo is a highly practical alternative in situations where it may not be possible to site solar panels. It is enclosed in a weatherproof steel casing as it has been designed for outdoor installation, thereby avoiding the need for additional plant room space. Available in two outputs of 16kW and 20kW, the AMBIflo achieves a high Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 3.2 (air at 2ºC and water at 35ºC) and, being an 'out of the box' solution, is straightforward to install.

Complimenting the comprehensive range of Potterton Commercial high efficiency condensing boilers is the GEOflo ground source heat pump which, as an integral part of a suitably designed system, can help reduce both the running costs and the carbon footprint of many commercial buildings. The GEOflo heat pump has an output of 21.3kW and a COP of 4.7, achieving outstanding levels of efficiency when used with a low temperature heat load such as underfloor heating.


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