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Commercial water heater installation – benefits of free site surveys

From June 15, Part L Building Regulation changes will effectively remove the option to carry out like-for-like non-condensing water heater replacements in the vast majority of buildings.

Only in very exceptional circumstances, where a replacement is deemed not feasible by the local Building Control Body, may a minimum seasonal efficiency of 80% for gas and 79% for LPG be used in England.

Upgrading to condensing commercial energy efficient water heaters do have lots of benefits. They’re 20% more efficient on average than non-condensing models, helping to reduce energy bills. What’s more, the reduction in carbon and NOx emissions makes condensing commercial gas fired water heaters a more sustainable option.

Factors such as flueing and condensate removal will need to be considered when installing energy efficient water heaters. But also changes in building occupancy and energy use may lead to a reassessment of hot water demands. This could mean a smaller hot water heater may be required, reducing initial capital expenditure and longer term running costs.

Our technical sales managers can visit onsite and identify potential challenges and opportunities with a commercial water heater installation. They will be able to visit at a time that suits you and visits take approximately one hour.

So what happens on a site survey visit?

Our expert technical sales managers will look at the current plant room – assess its location, what and where current commercial water heaters are placed and if there are any sizing issues that need to be considered.

We’ll look at the energy use of the building to minimise any over-sizing. If needed, we can also use our water heater calculator, Size-it to recommend the best solution.

We’ll provide advice on best place to site products. We’ll take into account flueing and recommend if a flueing specialist needs consulting, changes in demand and condensate removal – it could be a simple change or can advise how to move the whole plant room to free up valuable space if needed.

Our technical sales managers always take a fabric first approach and are technology agnostic –they will assess what heating and hot water technologies will best suit the project, budget and sustainability requirements.

And our technical sales managers are up to speed on the latest regulations so can make sure any recommendations are compliant.

So contact us today to arrange a free site survey for your commercial water heater installation.


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