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All round performance by Andrews Water Heaters at Wentworth Club Tennis and Health facility


The requirement for 1000kW of hot water in the new Tennis and Health facility at Wentworth Club is being generated by Andrews Water Heaters.

The famous West course at Wentworth, where international golfing luminaries compete in the annual PGA and world Match Play Championships, has become familiar to millions through the medium of television. Tennis has a strong tradition at Wentworth along with other health and fitness activities, including swimming in the 30m outdoor pool. The new building accommodates a 25m indoor pool, gynamsium, aerobics studio, spa, dance studio, bar restaurant, games room, a creche and superior changing facilities.

Altogether, there are 30 individual shower units within 8 separate shower rooms and numerous wash-hand basins in the locker rooms and family changing rooms. In addition to providing constant hot water for these outlets, two Andrews SUPAflo water heaters serve 3 industrial washing machines in the laundry where complementary towles for members use are laundered. They also heat the water for the spa pool and hydrotherapy bath, as well as for food preparation and washing facilities in the bar restauarant kitchen.

Troup Bywaters & Anders, Building Services Consultants, selected the two Andrews SUPAflo R2122ET units together with two BT300L buffer vessels because they could fulfill the main criteria of providing high reovery rates to supply the vast amounts of water required whilst maintaining high efficiency operation. Their specification called for 1000kW of hot water, allowing sufficient generation for every item drawing off the supply to be run continuously at peak operational times.

Each SUPAflo installed has an output of 425 kW and recovers 8229 ltrs/hr (through 44°C temperature rise), whilst each of the buffer vessels stores 300 ltrs of hot water. At full load the water heaters reach 83% efficiency which increases under part load due to simultaneous modulation of gas and primary air. This feature of SUPAflo optimises the gas/air ratio to achieve higher efficiencies when operating under part load, due to the ET 3-step thermostatic modulation control which offers temperature accuracy from +3°C to -6°C.

Chris Rogers of M&E Contractor Meica Services explains, "The Andrews water heaters are installed in a dedicated plant room located on the lower ground floor together with the central heating boilers and the pool air handling plant and filtration equipment. The combined flue size out through the building was restricted to 450mm so it was necessary for the SUPAflo to be connected into a fan assisted flue system, with all the relevant safety interlock provisions within the new BMS system".


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