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Andrews brings high volume hot water supplied to historic Buxton Spa Hotel


The Old Hall Hotel, Buxton, where Andrews Water Heaters supply hot water for guest bedrooms, dates back to 1573 and Historians believe "a building giving shelter and sustenance to travellers” has possible stood on this site for the last three millennia. It is built over a natural spring of warm mineral water, which has made Buxton a flourishing visitor centre down the ages. At the intersection of three main Celtic routes when such an abundance of hot water was a phenomenon, the spring became a sacred shrine. As Buxton later became an important Roman settlement it is likely a temple, bath houses and hostels were built over the springs.

Buxton Spa Hotel

The present building was specially designed to house Mary Queen of Scots when in the stewardship of the Earl of Shrewsbury and since then has
accommodated many famous historic figures. In Regency times a crescent was built along the approach to the baths, which remains today and has been the subject of recent restoration work. Any modern conveniences added to buildings in this area therefore have to be sensitively undertaken. The spring is located immediately under the eastern wing of the Old Hall Hotel but modern day guests no longer depend upon it for hot water bathing.

Each of the 38 sympathetically furnished bedrooms has an en-suite bathroom supplied with hot water generated by one of two Andrews Hi-Flo direct gas-fired storage water heaters. Stuart Mottram of Installation Contractors, Mellor and Mottrom, Stoke-on-Trent, recounts, "When we were called in by the owners of the hotel, the existing arrangement for hot water provision to guest bathrooms and restaurant kitchens was piecemeal and could not cope with peak demand. This hotel is opposite The Opera House and is used by performers and audience alike so operates along similar lines to a conference hotel with peak loads occurring several times a day.

The owners wanted to ensure there would always be sufficient hot water for showers, regardless of how many guests use the facilities simultaneously, but space for storage cylinders was severely limited. We therefore specified a system that is economical to run yet allows for high volume draw offs with as little storage as possible.”

Each of the Andrews Hi-Flo 62/341 Auto-ignition gas-fired storage water heaters installed has a recovery rate of 1549 l/hr, through a temperature rise of 44°C and a storage capacity of 282 litres. They were supplied with unvented system kits and Exhausto Flue Fans, two of which were fitted to each water heater. These were required because the units are installed in the only available space, an internal room in the basement.

The products of combustion and fresh air intake had to be brought across the historically named "Paupers' Pit” and through toilets in a split duct, one at ground level and the other at first floor level, terminating above a single story flat roof to the rear of the building. Where ducting passed through public areas inside the building it was boxed-in and flues terminate where they cannot be seen externally from ground level. This arrangement complied with the building regulations and planning restrictions relating to the conservation area.

The factory-fitted automatic ignition system, an option with all five sizes in this range that gives full automatic remote control and interface with BEMS if required, is used in this installation to provide the essential interlock with the Exhausto flue fan system and maximises energy efficiency.

Andrews Storage Water Heaters comprise a highly insulated heavy gauge steel tank, internally glass-lined with a special coating of ceramic porcelain-like material designed to withstand the corrosive effects of high volume high temperature hot water, a burner and controls. Stuart Mottram affirms that his previous experience of Andrews equipment has been good both in terms of quality of products as well as service and back-up.

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