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Three Andrews R2228 Supa-Flo high volume instantaneous water heaters, each linked to an Andrews ST 166 storage vessel have been installed in the recently extended and redeveloped Milburn (West) Stand at St. James' Park, home of Newcastle United Football Club. Andrews Water Heaters has been supplying this type of equipment to all kinds of leisure and sports facilities for more than quarter of a century and has a track record of successful installations in a number of stadia around Britain. St. James' Park now holds over 52,000 spectators and the range of new facilities maximise the usage potential of stand facilities and income that can be generated both during matches and for other types of occupancy.

The Andrews water heaters and storage vessels are located in a top floor plant room and generate hot water for 10 kitchens that serve the main catering and hospitality areas including the conference suites. On a match day the hot water system has to cope with over 6,000 covers. The Andrews system was selected for the Supa-Flo's fast recovery at high efficiency and because these units meet the environmental standards within the specification for low Nox emissions. These water heaters incorporate "fast burning" burner technology ensuring high efficiency, low CO2 and Nox emissions with a modulating two-stage high/low atmospheric burner. In addition they have a fan assisted flue as standard that shuts down during standby to further reduce standby losses as well as providing greater flexibility in flueing arrangements.

Supa-Flo water heaters are also designed for very easy and low cost maintenance which, together with energy efficiency, will make a significant contribution to minimising ongoing operating costs, an important consideration for "lifetime" management project such as this. The Supa-Flo R2228 models installed provide an output of 328kW with a recovery rate of 6332 litres/hr through a temperature rise of 44ºC. The 166 litre glass-lined storage vessels specified provide a buffer to ensure hot water can be delivered immediately on demand during the initial boiler fire-up period.


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