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Andrews SUPAflo installed at Trophy Foods factory in Wednesbury


Andrews has for many years been a specialist supplier of energy efficient water heaters to the food processing industry and their equipment has been used on several projects with good results. Therefore, when designing the hot water services for Trophy Foods' new factory at Wednesbury on a neighbouring site to Andrews' headquarters, they specified two SupaFlo R305 water heaters.

Trophy Foods

Trophy Foods processes various cooked meats and sets its own high standards of housekeeping and hygiene above the rigorous requirements imposed by the industry's regulatory body. As hot water is used in high volume for cleaning at virtually every stage of the process it is therefore imperative that the supply is constant, reliable and that the quantity required can be generated at the highest efficiency possible.

There are several food preparation areas, each having two or three handwash sinks, separate food preparation sinks, washdown houses, spray hoses to clean the floor and machinery, plus boot-washing facilities. The SupaFlo water heaters are sited in a plant room on the ground floor of the large two-storey factory building. Mains cold water is brought to a storage tank above the plant room and then passes through a booster set that boosts it up to 3 bar. One of the supplies from that 3 bar system feeds the two SupaFlo water heaters, which circulate hot water to a specially manufactured stainless steel pressure vessel that is kept at 65°C.

The SupaFlo units feed domestic hot water from that vessel back to sinks and showers and also feed the high pressure wash system which further boosts the water from 3 bar up to 100 bar for washing all factory areas. All hot water at sinks is regulated down to 40°C by hot water mixing valves.

The high pressure wash system, which can run for an hour or more at a time, uses far more hot water than any other process. To supply this using stored hot water would require a vessel of unrealistic proportions. The SupaFlo R300 Series was, therefore, selected for its high output capability from a unit of such compact size. With heavy demand for high volume hot water, the system needed to be as energy efficient as possible to minimise operating costs.”

Whilst the R300 range offers nominal outputs from 70kW to 274kW with footprints from 0.5m2 to 0.75m2 respectively, the R305s installed at Trophy Foods each has an output of 185kW. These "constant flow” water heaters are ideal for food preparation and processing applications having stainless steel finned tube heat exchangers and headers. Energy losses are minimised by a patented design rapid response water-cooled finned tube pre-mix burner. This utilises full gas modulation with a turndown ratio of at least 1:4, thereby matching the heat demand of the system with precision, resulting in a nett efficiency of 104%. This burner design is also very effective in reducing the emissions of Nox, CO and CO2 whilst the noise level of the R300 unit is a very low 51 -dB(A), a benefit for any workforce operating in close proximity to the plant room.

Trophy foods

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