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Exclusive use of Andrews Water Heaters in portable shower units


Portable Toilets Ltd. (PTL) of Bridgend, manufacturer of sanitation hire solutions, has selected Baxi Commercial Division's Andrews Water Heaters for exclusive use in its range of portable shower units, and are available in four shower and single unit blocks.

PTL selected Andrews' FASTflo water heaters, described by a company spokesperson as "ideal for our requirements" as these units are capable of operating not only on natural gas but also on LPG. Therefore by specifying the LPG option, when the shower units are delivered to site they require only connection to mains water, drainage or soakaway and a propane cylinder. The FASTflo range of continuous flow, wall-hung, balanced flue water heaters is designed for commercial or large domestic applications where hot water is constantly in demand. The FASTflo model LWH42 water heaters supplied in this case each have a maximum flow rate of 24 litres per minute through a temperature rise of 25°C; the larger model in the range provides 32 litres per minute.

Portable showers

PTL portable shower units feature a vandal-proof shower head, energy efficient water control system, a built-in seat for user comfort and a large mirror with a 12V shower light. The shower temperature is pre-set at 41°C and a single push of the button releases water for 20-30 seconds - an operation that can be repeated up to 8 times.

PTL shower units are supplied on hire to locations all around the United Kingdom for campsites, music festivals, construction sites and sporting events, to name but a few.

The FASTflo design is highly energy efficient, measuring the incoming water flow and temperature then modulating the burner up or down to meet the desired hot water demand with plus or minus one degree accuracy and no stand-by heat losses. This technology ensures a continuous flow of hot water that is extremely safe to operate and automatic ignition ensures that no fuel costs are incurred when the units are not in use.

Accurate temperature settings from 37°C to 80°C are available and the constant flow of hot water reduces the risk of colonisation by harmful legionella bacteria. The units are operated via a remote controller, designed especially for this range of heaters, which is capable of operating one unit or up to six connected in series, allowing external adjustment of the required flow temperature and providing a wide range of operation and fault diagnosis information.

FASTflo water heaters are compact and light in weight and available for vented or unvented systems with flueing options available to suit most applications.

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