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The Belfry is one of the most prestigious UK golf and leisure resorts, famous for staging the biggest golf event in the world - The Ryder Cup, which returns for an unprecedented fourth time in 2002. The owners, De Vere Hotels have recently completed a programme of refurbishment to the hotel, building two new conference suites and an extension to the leisure club. Andrews water heaters have been installed to provide a new domestic hot water system that will most effectively meet the increased and different usage demands created by each area.

BelfrySet in 500 acres of beautiful north Warwickshire countryside the hotel now has 324 four-star bedrooms, 21 conference and meeting rooms, five restaurants, eight bars, a leisure club and its own nightclub.  All works were managed by main contractors, Amec and M&E Consultants were Sl Sealy who specified the Andrews equipment. Colin Bagshaw, the Project Manager explains the rationale behind the selection of equipment from Andrews' range. "With such variance in the requirements for domestic hot water by the hotel and leisure club, a system comprising a mix of independent gas-fired water heaters had to be the most efficient solution in terms of minimizing running costs.

The greatest peak demand for the hotel and conference facilities occurs first thing in the morning and early evening when guests bath and shower and kitchens are drawing off hot water for food preparation and washing up." As usage tends to be staggered over two to three hours during each peak period, the load is easily satisfied with the recovery rate of 1998 litres/hr provided by each of the two largest Hi-Flo 54/440 Storage Water Heaters. Their storage capacity of 245 litres is more than sufficient for the needs of housekeeping and kitchens, plus bar glass-washing and toilet washhand basins during the day.

Each is linked to an Andrews ST 100 storage vessel which can provide increased capacity if needed for exceptional peak demand and the auto-ignition option supplied allows for an even greater degree of control and efficiency.

The pattern of domestic hot water use in the new Leisure facilities is quite different from that of the Hotel. Colin Bagshaw recounts, "The load is not consistent but continuous for a period of eight to nine hours every day with the main demand from the showers. There are 10 of these in all - apart from those in the male and female changing areas there are two in the disabled changing rooms and other individual showers. The hot water system also supplies two kitchens - one serving the members cafeteria the other a staff kitchen - as well as the bar area and toilet washhand basins."

The consultants specified high volume, fast recovery instantaneous water heaters each with a storage vessel to ensure this load would be adequately and economically met at all times. Two Andrews Supa-Flo R2210 water heaters, which are the second largest in this range were installed.

These achieve a recovery rate of 2265 litres/hr and each is linked to with an ST166 storage vessel for economy when demand is low. Both water heaters were supplied with an unvented package for connection to a mains pressure water system which ensures the best possible flow rate for the shower outlets."

Both the Auto-ignition Hi-Flo units and the Supa-Flo offer compatibility with BEMS. Whist the Hi-Flo units achieve their high efficiency by being so closely sized to match the anticipated demand, the R2200 series is a "highlow off" unit incorporating an advanced burner design with fast-burning flame for very quick heat transfer. Its method of operation also results in low emissions in line with the highest standards being applied in Europe.


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