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2018 ErP legislation - what's in store for water heaters

Upcoming legislative changes will drive manufacturers to design even more energy efficient water heaters, but what are these changes and how does it affect you as an Andrews Water Heaters customer?

Tier 1

In 2013 Ecodesign Regulations were introduced to detail the minimum energy efficiency requirements for boilers, space heaters and water heaters. The minimum requirements for each product were divided into three tiers, which would be introduced over a three-year period. Tier 1 came into force in September 2015 when the Ecodesign Directive was introduced, to address the energy efficiency of water heaters, sound power level requirements, storage volume and information requirements.

Tier 2

In 2017, the Energy Labelling Directive was be updated to introduce an A+ energy efficiency class and the G rating was be removed. The colour scale remained the same, with dark green representing the highest energy efficiency class and red the lowest. For contractors, this change means it is more straightforward than ever to specify the most energy efficient products for a job.

2018 changes - Tier 3

On September 26th 2018 requirements regarding emissions of NOx come into force. The Ecodesign Directive will be changing to include mandatory limits on NOx emissions for gas, LPG and oil fired water heaters. For gas/LPG fired products the maximum NOx emissions will be 56mg/kWh and for oil-fired products 120mg/kWh. We expect this new requirement will generate significant changes to the water heating sector with new or improved models entering the market as a result.

What this means?

The great thing about the Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Directives is that manufacturers now have a clear obligation to inform buyers about the efficiency of their products, which helps contractors and specifiers to better explain product and system efficiencies to an end user and to put together quotes based on efficiency. The new regulations are also pushing manufacturers to deliver more efficient water heating solutions.

To make it easier for specifiers and contractors to find energy efficiency information, we have updated our website and installation instructions for relevant products, including performance and efficiency parameters.

If you have any questions about the ErP Directive you can visit our ErP Q&A page or contact your Technical Sales Manager.



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