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Andrews Water Heaters, part of Baxi Commercial Division, has supplied four FASTflo fired, instantaneous water heaters in a recent refurbishment carried out at the Roundhegians Rugby Football Club in Leeds. Serving 16 newly installed showers that are used by a number of senior and junior rugby teams, these units replace a previous boiler/calorifier installation which supplied the traditional communal baths.

In addition to vastly improving the clubhouse facilities it is anticipated that, using instantaneous water heating, the new system will make considerable savings in both fuel and water usage. This is due to the fact that, unlike old instantaneous type water heaters, the FASTflo's design measures the incoming water flow and temperature, before modulating the burner up or down to meet the desired hot water demand with plus or minus one degree accuracy. Instantaneous water heaters also prevent any stand-by heat losses.
The FASTflo model WH56 water heaters supplied each have a maximum flow rate of 32 litres per minute through a temperature rise of 25ºC. They were installed by Woods North East in the existing boiler house, using a concentric balanced flue. A spokesman commented, "The FASTflo water heaters were extremely easy to fit. We installed them on a wall in series, which was an ideal method of installation as we were able to utilise hot and cold water headers installed under the bank of boilers. As a result of this installation method and the already compact dimensions of these water heaters, an additional bonus has been the creation of a large amount of free space in the boiler house, which the club intends to partition off in order to create a new physio and first aid room.”

The FASTflo hung, balanced flue water heaters is ideal for commercial or large domestic applications where an endless supply of hot water is required. The technology ensures a continuous flow of hot water that is extremely safe to operate and automatic ignition ensures that no fuel costs are incurred when the units are not in use. Accurate temperature settings from 37oC to 80oC are available and the constant flow of hot water reduces the risk of colonisation by harmful legionella bacteria.

The units are operated via a remote controller, designed especially for this range of heaters, which is capable of operating either one unit or up to six connected in series, allowing external adjustment of the required flow temperature and providing a wide range of operation and fault diagnosis information.

Available in two sizes for internal or external use, FASTflo water heaters are suitable for use with natural gas or propane, vented or unvented systems and for use with buffer tanks in larger installations. Flue systems are available to suit most applications. For even greater energy efficiency, the FASTflo range now has a newly introduced model in a condensing option, known as FASTflo PLUS. 

Roundhegians RFC in Leeds was established in 1928 and has a reputation for playing a good standard of Rugby Union at both senior and junior levels, as well as actively promoting the sport in local primary and secondary schools. The Club is based at The Memorial Ground, close to Roundhay Park which was created to honour former pupils from Roundhay School who lost their lives during World War II.

Also based there since 1980, The Roundhegians Sports Association has gradually evolved and now offers a range of other sports to complement the rugby, including badminton and karate. The recent refurbishment has proved a great success, as the younger players used to go home dirty rather than use the old baths, whereas now they will shower after each game!


Leeds Rugby
Leeds rugby

Andrews Water Heaters, part of Baxi Commercial Division, has supplied four FASTflo gas-fired, instantaneous water heaters in a recent refurbishment carried out at the Roundhegians Rugby Football Club in Leeds.

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